passion mattress


12″ passion Pocket Sprung Mattress


Mattress height: 12 inches / 30 cm
Mattress Firmness: soft (2.0mm)/hard (2.3mm)/mixed (2.0mm | 2.3mm)

Upon purchase of our passion mattress, you can enjoy 50% OFF instantly (no coupon code is required) and free delivery (not including outlying island).

Plus getting the following free gifts (worth over HK$ 2500)

  • 15-minute free pain treatment and cervical and lumbar professional examination voucher (valued at HK$ 1,500)
  • Waterproof liner (valued at HK$ 690)
  • Detachable wash face cover (valued at HK$ 980)
  • Laundry bag and non-slip mat (valued at HK$ 100)

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*No trial/return/refund for any passion mattress

Redeem Wooden Hydraulic Storage Bed, Pillow, Freestyle Cushion and/or Bedding in 50%OFF, upon purchase of any mattress. T&C applies.
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Additional Information
Mattress size

3' x 6' (91 x 183 cm), 3' x 6'3" (91 x 190 cm), 4' x 6' (122 x 183 cm), 4' x 6'3" (122 x 190 cm), 4'6" x 6' (137 x 183 cm), 4’6″ x 6’3″ (137 x 190 cm), 4'11" x 6'7" (150 x 200 cm), 5' x 6' (152 x 183 cm), 5' x 6'3" (152 x 190 cm), 6′ x 6′ (183 x 183cm), 6′ x 6’3″ (183 x 190cm)

Mattress firmness

Soft (2.0mm), Mixed (2.0mm / 2.3mm), Hard (2.3mm)

passion materials

Our product is expertly crafted and includes three essential inner layers and 20cm pocketed spring below the premium cover. All of the materials were passed through a set of tests, make sure that the ratio can maximize the characteristic of these materials.

The picture below shows the details of the mattress :

Passion Three Layers Eng
Ultra-soft Removable Premium Cover
The cover is made of 550G cotton fabric with an anti-pill process, it enhances the comfortability and durability. For your convenience, the zipper cover is easily removable and washable. The washable cover can solve the dirt, allergen and dust mites problem. Soothing the symptom of allergic rhinitis and sensitive skin.
PL Foam
The core material developed in 2018 in Germany, PL Foam, passes the pressure test over the foam for 200,000 times, the supportiveness and thickness remain unchanged, PL foam provides zero pressure on the human body and ensure the air flow and help to keep cool during the use.
Belgium Premium Natural Latex
Latex is an all-natural product which comes from the sap of the rubber tree. We carefully select the premium latex, which produced from the sap (only 30c.c. a day) of more than 10 year-old rubber trees, as the mattress material. The latex provides uncompromising support, breathability, and durability which can perfectly fit the body curve. It repels dust mites, mildew, and the open-cell hypoallergenic. And also it helps to enhancing the airflow, fits for the humid climate in Hong Kong.
Bamboo Charcoal Foam
Consider the humid weather of Hong Kong, two layers of Bamboo Charcoal Foam were added. The porous structure of bamboo charcoal provides countless tiny holes that effectively absorb odours, moisture, and polluted air particles such as formaldehyde.
Independent Pocket Spring
Passion mattress is made of 6.5 rings high carbon steel spring, 1-2 rings more when comparing to the other brands (mostly 4.5-5.5 rings spring). It can enhance the support and durability of the springs. Ultra-firm fibre was used for our pocket. It can absorb the noise and vibration and also enhance the durability of the mattress.
Bamboo Charcoal Foam
Consider the humid weather of Hong Kong, two layers of Bamboo Charcoal Foam were added. The porous structure of bamboo charcoal provides countless tiny holes that effectively absorb odors, moisture, and polluted air particles such as formaldehyde.
3D Durable Fibre Fabric Base Layer
The base layer uses durable fiber fabric to maximize the breathability with the highest durability.


Life Time Warranty

We strongly believe the durability of passion
mattress so that we provide a lifetime warranty.

直空包裝 (1)

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging makes sure that the mattress was brand new and clean. It also easier to delivery to any building with tiny lift.


Waterproof Mattress Protector

Free waterproof mattress protector along with mattress, protects your mattress from liquids, moist stains, and more.


Free delivery service (except outlying islands)

We provide free deliver and installation service.
From our warehouse to your home with 6 hours at the earliest.

Two firmness within One mattress

passion mattress provides two different hardness, which is 2.0mm and 2.3mm. You can choose each of them or put them together within one mattress to fit the needs of you and your partner.




2.0mm | 2.3mm



Certificated by HKRPCC

The design of passion mattress can help to reduce the pressure on our spine when sleep- ing in order to relax the muscle and protect our spinal, the design was approved by HKRPCC.

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