Installation and Maintenance

Is it easy to set up my mattress?

Once you have received your napnice mattress, setting it up is quick and simple – just follow these steps:

Unpack your napnice package and roll the mattress on your bed you’ll be using it.

Cut open the outer plastic wrap using the letter opener found inside the package. Poke a hole, then slowly glide the blade across the plastic. (Be careful: don’t cut the mattress itself).

Flatten out your napnice mattress and tear open the inner plastic wrap with your hands.

Allow an hour for the mattress to expand. It will take 24 hours to fully expand, but you can use it almost immediately.

Do I need to use a bed sheets?

For your convenience, the zipper cover is easily removable in a tiny area and washable. The washable cover can replace the function of the bed sheet and help to solve the dirt, allergen and dust mites problem of the traditional mattress. Soothing the symptom of allergic rhinitis and sensitive skin. We suggest that you should wash the cover regularly to keep the mattress in the perfect condition.

Should I flip or rotate my mattress?

napnice mattress is designed to be used one way up, so flipping is not required. We recommend rotating the mattress 180 degrees every six months to maximise performance and durability.

Do I need to clean the mattress cover?

You can unzip your mattress cover from the side, then wash it with cold water (machine or by hand) and line dry it only. Remember not to use the dryer.

Can I fold the mattress if I do not use the mattress for a period of time?

Absolutely not, our vacuum compression technology will not hunt the structure of the mattress, but folding the mattress will, and the 10 years warranty will be invalid.

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