napnice Story

I’m Anthony, my hometown was in Fo Shan, because my parents were not well educated and know nothing about the negative consequence that a bad mattress will bring. As a result, a low-quality spring mattress slept with me for more than ten years. After a period of time, the centre of the spring mattress sags and loses the support to my backbone during sleep. Along with the pain gain by difference sports and lack of relaxing during sleep, back and waist pain became one of my ‘best’ friends.

After received my first salary, the first gift for myself was a new pocketed spring mattress certified by Chiropractic Doctors’ Association, it cost half of my salary. In the first month of using this mattress, I think it was good and comfortable, but it cannot help to reduce my back and wrist pain. Long working hours made my pain more serious……

Real Suitable Mattress

In recent year, I am lucky to know THOMAS Wong (Physical Therapist). He teaches me a lot about the relationship between sleep, protective measure of backbone and prevention method. He suggests me to find a real suitable mattress. I have tried a lot of mattresses, including the cheapest and the most expensive model, but I still couldn’t find my real suitable mattress. For the cheap mattress most of them were using chain spring to support the body weight, it can not fully support the backbone, on the other hand, for the expensive pocketed spring mattress, all of them are not targeting the needs of Hong Kong people, it was too soft and too expensive for us.


Identity of napnice

From the above experience, I wish to develop my real suitable mattress targeting the needs of Hong Kong People and the following is the criteria that the mattress should have:


Providing sufficient support to the backbone and help to relax the back and waist muscle during sleep.


Use materials which meet the international standard and help to prevent the waist and back pain become more serious through the best ratio of the material used.


Everyone can change the bed sheet easily by not too thick and too heavy.


The price must be affordable for general working level.

The born of napnice

To develop my Real Suitable Mattress, the starting place would be my hometown- Fo Shan where is the biggest furniture wholesale centre in China. The mattress factory in Fo Shan over a thousand, but it is not easy to find a factory with good quality that can meet international standard and achieve the international certificate.

After a search with hard work, we finally find a factory with more than 15 years experience with many international certificates. They sell their own product in over 150 cities except for Hong Kong. The director of the factory Mr Lau said it is because the mattresses size in Hong Kong is not like the others cities and he did not know too much about the market in Hong Kong. At this moment I ask Mr Lau can I help him to develop the market in Hong Kong and set up a brand targeting the needs of Hong Kong people. Luckily Mr Lau says Yes.


years of mattress manufacturing experience


cities, but not include Hong Kong。

Integrate the experience from Mr Lau and over 24 months of development, test and modify. The napnice mattress was born in September 2018. napnice mattress uses high density supportive foam to replace the spring to solve the sag problem. Use the PL Foam which is the latest technology from Germany in the second layer to maximize the durability and breathability. We use natural latex in the top layer to fit the body shape. All these materials combined in a golden ratio 15+3+2= 20cm, providing a perfect sleeping experience to our customers. And the price is affordable by anyone.


months develop, test and modifly.

Golden Ratio

15+3+2 = 20cm

One last word

There was not one perfect mattress that can fit every people need, the formula of napnice mattress are targeting the needs of major Hong Kong people. We strongly recommend you to buy one and try at your home if you are not satisfied with napnice mattress you can return to us within 101 days with no charges. Is napnice mattress you Real Suitable Mattress? Your body will give you the answer.

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