101 Days Trial and Return


We offer a 101 Days trial for all our mattresses. This means you can try the mattress at your own home with your purchase.

  • The trial period starts on the delivery or pick-up date of your mattress.

  • To be eligible for a return we only request that you first try your new mattress for at least 30 days before submitting a return request. It takes time for your body to adapt to a new sleeping surface.

  • A full refund will be issued once the returned mattress has been received in a good condition, without any damages.
    Refunds or exchanges may not be granted if the returned mattress is found to be damaged or affected by mould, stains, smells or bed bugs etc. arising from poor product care and/or external environment conditions.

  • The free gifts(excluding the packing box) shall be returned with the mattress together during 101 days trial period. If the free gift is not returned or used(which will not be collected) and the retail amount of the gift will be deducted from the refund amount.

    1. Pain Therapy and Professional Spinal Assessment Coupon (worth HK$ 1500)
    2. Waterproof mattress protector (worth HK$ 660-840, vary by size)
    3. Extra mattress cover (worth HK$ 690-980)
    4. Laundry bag and non-slip mat (worth HK$ 100) or any other

  • Any products delivered outside of Hong Kong are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

  • A valid proof of purchase (such as your order confirmation email) is required for all return or exchange requests.

  • Our 101 days trial is limited to the return or exchange of one mattress per customer/household. If you order a new mattress after having returned a mattress before, the 101 days trial will not apply on your next order. This applies to all new orders from the same customer or delivery address.

  • If there is/are any repetitive purchase(s) of any mattress within the trial period for the same customer/household, the trial period of the delivered mattress(es) will be ended immediately; the trial period of the new mattress starts on the delivery or pick-up date.

  • Custom-sized mattress orders are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

  • Customer(s) on outlying islands (exclude Tung Chung and Park Island) or in restricted areas shall bear the shipping cost(two-way) for any refund.

  • napnice reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute arising from the above Terms and Conditions.

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